Sometimes at work I open up my delicious vegetarian or vegan lunch packed with care from home and get “oooohhs” and “aaaaahhhs” from my co-workers. Other times I get sneers followed by, “what is THAT?” Either way, it makes for a great time to open up a conversation about that ever present question from a meat eater to a veggie, “But what do you EAT?”

I eat everything but meat. And yes, “meat” includes chicken and fish and other little sea creatures. I wanted to start Buried Carrots to share some of the infinite possibilities of a meatless diet. I also wanted to provide a resource for other vegetarians and vegans trying to navigate in a meaty world: what do you eat when you’re on the road and the only options are chain restaurants with not a single vegetarian option on the menu- not even the salads!? What do you eat when the visiting in-laws want to go out for barbeque? What do you eat for a blast of vitamin K?

So, I hope you enjoy Buried Carrots and follow along! Here’s to a delicious future!



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  1. I really enjoy your blog! Witty and sweet with lots of great info as well. On my new blog about living more green and making things at home and such, I’ve included this great blog of yours in my Blogroll of great WordPress places to visit. Hope that Ok with you. Keep up the great blogging! Signed, a fan over at http://peopleexcitedaboutcoexistence.com/ Cheers! Gina

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