Vanilla-Bourbon Ice Cream with Cherries and Chocolate Swirl

The wind kicked up quite suddenly and now it has begun to rain. I was just about to step outside to take some photos. Now I’m shifting gears. Sometimes life gives you a little nudge, lets you know you should be doing one thing when maybe you had planned to do another.

That was the way with this ice cream. My mother brought over a big bag of freshly picked cherries from her neighbor’s yard. As I opened the fridge to store them, I spotted some leftover homemade chocolate syrup.

There would be no cobbler, there would be no pie. Life was nudging me: Vanilla-Bourbon Ice Cream with Cherries and Chocolate Swirl.

How could I resist?

A handful of cherries went immediately into some bourbon to soak. A few days later, they emerged and met the sweet, creamy, vanilla-bourbon ice cream. The final touch was to swirl everything with the leftover chocolate syrup, creating ribbons of dark rich flavor.

Sometimes life nudges you: a rainstorm, a bag of cherries, an opportunity to create something grand, something wonderful. Seize it.

The ice cream recipe is a slight variation from Joy The Baker. I didn’t use cherry preserves because I wanted a vanilla-bourbon flavor to the ice cream. The chocolate syrup was leftover from my Coconut Sorbet. I swirled it into the ice cream by hand, just after removing it from the ice cream maker, then froze it for a few more hours.

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