A Postcard From My Own Backyard

gourd leaf

This week I’m sharing a few iPhone shots from the lovely community garden a few blocks away from my house. The garden sits on a lot that used to be a gas station and repair shop. The station is still there, managed by an historical conservation group, but the gas pumps have been replaced with tall grasses.

toes and greens

When the garden began, we had all the asphalt from the lot removed, along with about a foot of the topsoil in case it had been contaminated by any car repair activity. We hauled in new dirt and compost, added an automatic drip system, seeds, and little love, and the garden was born.

climbing beans

The following year we added eleven chickens who eat scraps from the garden and our table as well as provide, (ahem) fertilizer. This year we’ve added a partial shade structure to battle the harsh sunlight and high temperatures that batter the garden during the summer. We also acquired a twelfth chicken found wandering downtown. After a few weeks getting acquainted with the other girls, she’s one of the family now. And we get an even dozen eggs each day!

The Ethels!

The plants are flourishing. We have tomatoes, several varieties of chiles, potatoes, radishes, greens, eggplants, beans, herbs, melons, flowers and fruit trees. It is peaceful, beautiful and wonderful to share with the neighborhood.

If you live in the Albuquerque area and would like to see the garden and meet the chickens,  join us for the Albuquerque Coop Tour, this Sunday, June 10th from 10-2.

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One Response to A Postcard From My Own Backyard

  1. Annie says:

    What a lovely blog! And, of course, great pictures!! xxoo mom

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