A Postcard From Austin(ish,) Texas

Stormy Texas Sky

So last weekend I flew to Austin, Texas with mom to visit family and go on a food photography prop hunt at the Fredericksburg, Texas trade days. The trade days are basically acres of booths and barns filled with antiques and other “stuff.” All the weird, rusted “stuff” you could ever want, in fact.

Fredericksburg, TX Trade Days

It was a whirlwind weekend that involved a lot of driving to get here and there and back again. Texas is a BIG state and they like to build things WAY far away from each other.

But like all of my travel adventures, the trip was filled with plenty of joy and plenty to see: wildflowers everywhere, the Texas Whitehouse, cupcakes from Hey Cupcake in Austin, Tex-Mex with my cousins, a giant Texas-sized glass of wine with my mom, corn fields, dark intriguing stormy skies, creepy baby dolls, good conversations and laughter, and sweet Lulu the dog.

Oh, and a few little food photography props too.

As always I’ve returned from travelling a little more exhausted than I was when I left, but I feel inspired by what I experienced and motivated to be creative.

I like it that way. A good dose of family, a good dose of fun, enough time away to get the gears turning again, and just about all the crazy Texas driving I could handle.

double chocolate from Hey Cupcake

I told you they were creepy!


you can find anything at Trade Days, even disgruntled salt and pepper shakers.

I’ll admit it was beautiful- even if it was Texas. ;-)

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2 Responses to A Postcard From Austin(ish,) Texas

  1. Annie says:

    Your pictures a fabulous, Karen!!!

  2. Tracee says:

    Oh come on, Texas is…well, it’s Texas. You gotta love it for what it is. Especially the Texas Hill Country. I was raised in Austin and have spent the last 12 years living above the Mason-Dixon line and wait patiently for the few times a year I can return to Austin to fill up on Tex-Mex and BBQ and buy all the food items I can’t find in this one horse town I live in now. Tomatillos? My produce guy never heard about them. They don’t even carry fresh herbs!! How I miss live music, cold beer, and two-steppin under that big Texas sky…

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