Tendonitis and a Double Scoop of Hope

I’m struggling lately with bouts of negativity and fear.

I’m trying to believe that my career isn’t ending. I’m trying to do everything I can to heal, but the tendonitis in my wrists and elbows continues to be a problem. I still am not able to perform massage and have been working under restrictions: do not lift, push or pull more than 10 pounds.

I feel like my current livelihood is on the line. I fear that I may never be able to return to my job in my prior capacity. I’m trying to wrap my head around the possibility that a career change might be on the horizon whether I like it or not.

I’m struggling to stay positive.

At times, my spirit feels crushed under the worry about what the future holds. I know it is just tendonitis, but when you use your hands to make your living, wrist and tendon issues can be devastating, life-changing.

But positivity is exactly what I need to help me get better. Without it, I will just flounder hopelessly beneath all this worry. So this weekend I decided to try to flip my attitude around and crawl out from under the worry. This weekend was all about doing things that made me smile.

I treated myself to a massage, for some physical and mental healing. I went shoe shopping. I visited the community garden and admired the seeds sprouting. I spent time in the kitchen and time taking photographs. I baked a perfect loaf of herb-crusted bread (thanks, once again to the stand mixer). I watched a great movie and ate a big bowl of popcorn.

And I made ice cream. If ice cream doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. This simple, delicious strawberry ice cream is like a big, toothy grin in a bowl. The bright, fresh strawberry flavor is a scoop of happiness, a scoop of dance around the kitchen, a scoop of it’s going to be all right.

I often write about being grateful and how grateful I am for the most basic things I have: a home, clean running water, a garden, a job, warm clothing, furry kitties, a spouse who loves me to the ends of the earth. But sometimes when pain and fear enter your life, it becomes more difficult to see those things.

I’m working through it, rebuilding my positivity, my hope, one bowl of goodness at a time. Strawberry and otherwise.

The recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream is from Stephanie at Eat Drink Love, though she calls it Sherbet. For once in my life I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great! I love the simplicity of it. I love that the ice cream maker does all the work.

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About Karen Milling

Freelance Photographer and Writer with a passion for vegetarian and vegan cooking. Currently my work can be viewed online at my three blogs: Buried Carrots is devoted to colorful writing and delicious vegetarian and vegan food; Composing Kitchen focuses on my efforts, together with my partner, to follow our passions and design our lives; and Karen Milling Photography features my work as a portrait, headshot, wedding and food photographer.
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6 Responses to Tendonitis and a Double Scoop of Hope

  1. Annie says:

    My heart aches for you, Karen. Maybe our trip to the hill country will brighten your spirits.
    love you!!! mom

  2. Lynn D. says:

    I’m in exactly the same place you are except with a bum knee and a slow moving HMO (at least I’ve got some insurance!) I’m in pain and am constantly running up against things I can no longer do. Your post gave me a push to try to turn my negativity around. At 65 I’m trying to get up my nerve to schedule my first massage ever! Yeah for both of us

    • Lynn, Just having my spirits lifted a little this week is helping me so much. If you can find a way to do some nice things for yourself, I think you’ll be surprised how much better you feel. And it’s never too late to get a massage for the first time! I recommend going somewhere like- a nice local spa or long standing business with a good reputation. (As opposed to a massage school clinic or lower end massage business.) This way you know you’re getting a therapist with some experience. At my job they don’t even hire therapists with less than two years experience- so you know you’re getting someone who will be good and knowledgeable. A good therapist will explain how everything is going to go before you get started and check in with you throughout the session to make sure you’re feeling okay. Don’t expect miracles after just one massage, but you might find that you if you start going regularly you’ll get some relief from the pain. Good luck to you!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your tendonitis. I used to play softball and started getting really serious about it in high school and thought maybe I would even play professionally and in college. However, during my sophomore year, I developed tendonitis in my throwing arm and it eventually forced me to quit. It was heartbreaking for me, so I know how you feel. Sending good vibes your way!

    And, I’m so glad you liked the sherbet recipe. It is so easy and the pretty color is sure to brighten a bad day!

    • Thanks for the kind words. My spirits are much better this week and that helps so much. We’re really enjoying the sherbet! Your blog is wonderful- I’m happy I stumbled upon it!

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