Black and White Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to have a bigger presence on my blog and post things more frequently, but I really only have time to put together one (occasionally two) posts a week. I’m sure other food bloggers can relate. Working at my day job, then planning, prepping, cooking, photographing, editing, writing and building a post, there is hardly enough time left to keep up with the rest of my life.

But today I stumbled upon “The Well Seasoned Cook” blog.  Susan, had the brilliant idea to have Black and White Wednesday- A weekly culinary event. All you have to do is link to her event: Black and White Wednesday and send her your photo via email.

My first image is from the Food and Light workshop I attended in August. Water bottles from our lunch at The Kitchen Restaurant in downtown Boulder.

I suppose the only problem with Black and White Wednesday is that it falls on my usual posting day for my weekly post. So I’ll be moving that to Monday for now. I think I’m also going to start “iPhoneography Food Photography Friday” and post something I’ve taken and edited on my phone each week. A simple way to keep my creative juices flowing without taking up too much precious time, and boosting my weekly posts from one to three- just like that!

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2 Responses to Black and White Wednesday

  1. mummybites says:

    Simple and beautiful!

  2. CK Barlow says:

    Holy cow, that’s a cool photo of the bottles!

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