A Different Kind of Feast

This week I’m turning off the oven, leaving the barbecue grill covered on the patio and keeping the refrigerator doors closed. It’s summer! It’s too hot to cook, right?

Instead, I want to share some of the blogs my friends are writing. These four blogs are as unique and diverse as the people creating them. I think they’re worth following and hope you will too.

I love food blogs. That’s why I started one of my own. But my friend Hanna, who created Bouffe e Bambini has done some really creative things with her food blog. She has lots of giveaways, which is a great way to drum up followers, but she only offers handmade products. In this way she not only supports the artists, but also offers really unique gifts. Her blog is all about food and babies, which really means it is about moms too. Some of the giveaways are for the kitchen or for babies, but many are chic little to do’s for moms.

Hanna is also an amazing cook. These are her brownie batter cupcakes.

My friend Jamie and I went to school together and reconnected via social media. She became a hospice chaplain and now writes a blog about the work she does. Her writing is lovely and thought provoking. She gives beautiful insight into a realm of life that for most of us is difficult to think about. Be silent be still.

If you like animals and you like drawing, check out the immense project my friend Jennifer has taken on. The Daily Mammal chronicles her efforts to draw one picture of each of the 5000 mammals known to science. The drawings are great and she’s done some clever things along the way. After the earthquake in Japan, Jennifer and her daughter drew Japanese mammals each day and sold the pictures to raise money to help with the relief effort. This week, Jennifer and I are getting together for a trade- I’m taking some photos for her and she painted a picture of one of the Ethels for me!

Finally, Wrinkled Cloth Napkins. For me, the blog title implies everything my friend Gretchen is writing about and trying to achieve in her life. I’m just going to quote her here, because she says it best. “Trying to live intentionally and sustainably can get messy. But with some laughter, grace and adjusted expectations, it can also be a way to find our authentic selves. This is one family’s journey from consumption to consciousness.”

I hope you’ll enjoy these blogs as much as I do- they’re a different kind a feast for a different kind of hunger. Good blogs aren’t all that hard to find- if you just know where to look. Thanks, my friends!

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4 Responses to A Different Kind of Feast

  1. Ilona says:

    I like the new header for Buried Carrots! It was fun looking at your friends’ blogs. I especially liked Bouffe e Bambini. Also, thanks for checking out my blog. :) It’s things like this that make the internet world so much fun!

  2. Hanna says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me Karen!!

    Xoxo Hanna

  3. Gretchen says:

    Karen, I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog! Its fun to see your personality reflected in your friend’s blogs! I love this part of the blogging community. Really fun to discover new ones. Thanks!

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