Kaua’i Vacation Preview- Food and Otherwise

I have been in Kaua’i, Hawaii for the past week and an half, (thanks to the kindness and generosity of my extended family) and in addition to snorkeling and hiking I’ve been trying to document any interesting vegetarian or vegan foods I’ve encountered. This post is just a preview of some of the things I’ve found.

There are farmers markets basically every day of the week somewhere in Kaua’i. We visited the one in Koloa. These are chicos.

The growing season is year round for most things- beans, basil, tomatoes, onions.

Breaking open coconuts to sell with a straw for drinking the coconut milkThere is a little restaurant called Puka Dog that serves a delicious veggie dog.

We visited the National Tropical Botanical Garden and saw a garden filled with native foods as well as foods brought to Hawaii by Japanese and Polynesian people.




We were lucky enough to see THREE endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals. There are only about 1400 left and of those only about 20 swim in the waters around Kaua’i. 

Just a short walk from where we are staying is a little cove that Sea Turtles seem to love. We’ve seen many of them there.

I had an interesting black bean burrito from a food truck in Hanapepe, a vegan brownie from a bakery in Kapa’a, and an incredible plate of crispy fried avocado tacos from a restaurant in Poipu. I’ve got three more glorious days to enjoy here, so look for more details on my Kaua’i culinary adventures next week! 

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2 Responses to Kaua’i Vacation Preview- Food and Otherwise

  1. rowena says:

    I am clueless on the vegetarian/vegan scene on Kauai (as far as I know the island isn’t famous for superb restaurants), but reading this….I am so jealous. Thank you for this lovely post, and for giving me a small reminder of home.

  2. Rowena, thanks for checking out my post! I’m sure Kaua’i is most certainly NOT famous for veggie eats. When I was there in 2008 there was an excellent vegan restaurant in Kapa’a, but it was gone this time around. It was great to stumble upon the avocado tacos though, I’ll be working on creating my own version for sure.

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