How Avocados Saved My Life. Curried Tofu and Avocado Dip

I believe that I have been saved by avocados. Several years ago I was training for my certification as an Associate Polarity Practitioner. Polarity has a dietary component that is meant to help cleanse the system and achieve optimum health. You basically step down in your diet, first eating a vegetarian diet; then eliminating salt, dairy, eggs, added sugar, and any processed foods; and finally eating what I called “twigs and bark.” This final step was essentially a raw-foods diet. No heated oils, absolutely nothing processed, no nuts or seeds unless they were sprouted. We ate a lot of salad with fresh herbs, lemon juice and cold-pressed olive oil. And we ate avocados.

Avocados were the only things we were “allowed” to eat that seemed to have any substance at all, any ability to satiate us. They were thick and rich and fatty and decadent. When you start eliminating processed and packaged foods from your diet, your sense of taste changes. You begin to really taste the intensity of sweetness from a carrot; the layers of flavor from a raw, unsalted cashew; and the creamy, delicious, savory flavor of a perfectly ripe avocado.

In the final weeks of the Polarity diet, we were hungry. A lot. Sometimes it was overwhelming. And I craved things like Nacho Cheese Doritos. I would have given anything for a bag of Doritos – even though I never eat Doritos and normally don’t even like them. Avocados saved me. I was probably buying 12 to 15 avocados a week. I’m eternally grateful to the avocado.

The Polarity cleanse culminated in a weekend of drinking only a very potent “cleanse beverage,” followed by some slimy “Polarity Tea.” When all was said and done I looked great, felt great, had dropped several pounds, and had a new best friend: the avocado.

Avocados and I still hang out from time to time, although I don’t have to rely on them for sustenance anymore, and I can mix them up with whatever I want. I was delighted when I found this Curried Tofu and Avocado Dip recipe. It featured my old friend and seemed like a yummy springtime snack to enjoy on the patio with a beer. Yes, a beer – take that, Polarity diet!!

The dip was great, super-smooth and creamy with bright flavors, best served with fresh veggies for dipping.  (It was a little odd with pita chips.) If I make it again, I’ll use cilantro instead of mint. Something about mint on a salty pita chip didn’t work for me. I also skipped the sour cream and doubled the Greek Yogurt.

If you’re not currently torturing yourself to cleanse your system and achieve optimum health, check out the recipe here from Food and Wine magazine. Also, check out the super cool plate from Fishs Eddy in NY that I used for serving.

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2 Responses to How Avocados Saved My Life. Curried Tofu and Avocado Dip

  1. Dan G says:

    Karen – you’re writing and photography make me embarrassed to call myself a food blogger – or a lapsed food blogger, as the case may be these days. You make me want to give up everything so that I can appreciate avocados even more.

    • Dan- thanks. It is nice to give things up once in a while so that you can really appreciate them again. I love seeing your photos on flickr and I keep trying to rally folks in NM so that I can copy your memento dinner party idea. And I’m super jealous of your new chickens!!!

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