“LOST” Cupcakes. Happy Birthday To My Big Brother

My brother and I were big fans of the television show Lost. We would watch the show together at his house every week and order pizza or I’d bring over burgers and fries. (A veggie burger for me, of course.) I loved the characters and the complexity of the plot, but didn’t make a whole lot of effort to figure out the great mysteries of Lost. My brother was die hard though. He would re-watch episodes and develop theories about what was “really” going on.  I would arrive each week to watch a new episode and he’d greet me by saying, “Okay, remember in season 3 when….” Usually I would stare at him blankly until he gave up on me. Anyways, it was a nice way to spend time with my brother every week, and I miss it now that the show is over. I miss the show too, but I miss my brother more.

He gave me Lost-related gifts for my birthday and Christmas last year, so I thought I would return the favor for his birthday this year: Lost cupcakes. Tonight I’m heading over to my brother’s place for pizza and Xbox games and birthday celebration. Hope he likes his gift!

For those of you who were fans of the show, you’ll recognize the cupcake designs. For those of you that weren’t fans, just trust me, there’s a hatch door, and a polar bear, and rabbits with numbers on them, and a smoke monster, and the “Flame” station, and a fish biscuit. The cupcakes are the same vegan chocolate cakes featured in this post, and the designs are marshmallow fondant featured in this post.

Happy Birthday to the best big brother I could hope for!

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3 Responses to “LOST” Cupcakes. Happy Birthday To My Big Brother

  1. pheryx says:

    I got myself a fish biscuit!

    You’re too kind Karen. Thanks for the awesome birthday present and for letting me win at Scrabble. :)

    Love you!

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