Buried Carrots’ Buried Carrots

In January I started some seeds in a greenhouse box on a windowsill. And yes, I planted some carrots. When the plants are big and strong and the weather is warmer I will transplant them to my row at the community garden nearby.  In the mean time, the little guys have already outgrown the greenhouse box and are ready to be transferred to larger containers. The problem is that I need somewhere to put them all. Temperatures are still freezing at night, so putting them outside unprotected isn’t an option. I could put containers around the house on all the windowsills, but I know of two mischievous kitties that would like to eat them all up and/or knock them onto the floor.

So, I made a makeshift greenhouse on my patio.  I used two boards, a few screws, lots of tape, plastic drop cloths, and bricks. It’s not much to look at, but hopefully it will do the job.  I just put the plants out today to see how they like it. If the greenhouse stays warm enough, and can withstand today’s 40 mph winds, I’ll transplant them to containers tomorrow.

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One Response to Buried Carrots’ Buried Carrots

  1. I’ve got kind of the same problem. Cats & cold and seedlings needing to be re-planted and running out of room. I like your resolution! I’m thinking of getting some heating pads and putting my seedlings in my bay window (which is cold but gets good light). Good luck with the carrots! I ordered a “potato bag” from a gardening company and I’ve read they are good for carrots also, so I’m going to give that a try.

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